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Wedding Videos

Every wedding is unique to you!

From sick bridesmaids and ripped pants to having the OSU alumni band come out with the first female drum major at OSU every wedding is a full day of events. People say “weddings are all the same” but we whole heartedly disagree. While weddings have central themes like first dances, cake cutting and first looks what you bring to a wedding is what makes it yours.

What people pack into their day is so special, so my goal is to always include every sentimental moment in every wedding! From the first looks with your parents to the open dance that fills the evening we want your day to be about you.

One huge goal Wondr Productions has is that we want you to be able to feel like everyday is your day just like you felt on your wedding day. While we cannot give you the in-person gathering and all the love you see in-person on everyone’s faces, we sure can give you a similar feeling in your wedding video!

Wondr thinks of weddings as a true collaboration. You tell us your dream, and we try to make your dream your life!

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Wedding Videography Columbus OH
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Other Projects

In the last few years we have been given the opportunity to continue to flourish and grow in this field.

Being able to edit new content at any hour of the day has been a safe haven for myself since the pandemic began which is when my journey in the production work began. Since beginning my passions in videography and audio production it has taken me all over the area as well as helped me expand my knowledge and experience which we are forever grateful for.

We are continuing to work to expand our portfolio everyday, and we would love to hear from you about what you would love to create!

Through the past few years of working as a single party in the world of video and audio I have had the opportunity to travel around the country going on shoots as well as working with some acting majors from my university prior to their move to New York and California for further work endeavors.

While Wondr is in the starting stages of itself we have many projects upcoming that we are extremely excited to pursue! We would love to create more content and memories with you!