About Wondr Productions

Wondr Productions strives to bring high quality videography services to those who have small projects or do not have the ability to hire a large video production company. To know about Wondr Productions, you should know about who you are hiring.

Hi! I’m Hannah, the owner of Wondr Productions!

A few things about me is I currently live in the Columbus, Ohio area, and I have worked in the field of production for the last few years and fell in love with the industry. I am an activist and work in my free time to create an environment within myself and within my business that is all inclusive. I care so deeply for other people and other people’s stories and that is one of the reasons I created Wondr Productions!

videographer Columbus Ohio

I want to understand people as well as be able to emulate their stories in a manner that reflects what they desire in combination with what would flow the best in the story that you are creating from a creating standpoint. Video and audio production is something I was introduced to a few years ago and it has become the best part of my days no matter how long the days tend to run! This passion for the production world is something I work at nearly everyday to continue to improve.