Our Services Breakdown

Videography Services


Pre-production is a bigger task than most realize! It requires phone calls, spreadsheets and overall vision boards to try to perfect what is your vision! This is just the portion where we iron out every detail of the project!

A lot of pre-production is ironing out details that no one tends to realize are questions needing to be asked. Dependent on the project we may have to create a shot list, find and scout locations, and figure out the lighting necessary for the shoot.

This portion requires a lot of communication because the end goal is to understand what you want! This process also just lets us know how long the video will be, what the expectations are for it and how long it realistically will take from start to finish! A common misconception is that the pre-production stage can be glossed over. In reality, Wondr will spend just as much time in the pre-production portion as we will spend shooting the actual production!

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The main production will be the true creation of what you imagined! This time alotted will include arriving with all the gear required for the shoot as well as setting up cameras, audio equipment, and whatever else the production required that was discussed during the pre-production phase!

When shooting we typically shoot in S-Cinetone for all productions. Most likely, using Sony cameras as well!

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Lastly we have post-production which is everything after the production day!

We will put together A-Roll and B-roll, make music selections, add in any special effects or watermarks that you desire as well as anything else desired for the video (which would already be established from the pre-production phase). After all of this is done, it will then be delivered to you for the first draft.

After being sent the draft, you will have the ability to leave notes in response to the video and when finished we will revise the video to help accommodate some, if not all, of your notes! In the pre-production process we will set up how many drafts you will be able to revise with notes as well to make it as close to your vision as possible.

This section of the video creation process is one of the best parts because all of the hard work put into directing and producing is over. At that point, the assembly is all that is required. The story finally comes together in this phase!

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Audio Mixing

This is another field Wondr Productions is working to expand in! We have worked editing podcasts as well as radio shows that we have done! Most of the audio work we do is central to our videos! Most notably we worked with a company to edit out the background sound created from a neighboring construction sight which we were able to edit out enough to not notice there was construction nearby!


For live shows, being sure that everyone in attendance can hear clearly is vital for a great show. This is a field that we are slowly growing into!


For studio audio recordings, you need a clear sound to show your credibility as a high quality creator. This is a field we are more understanding of due to our podcast and radio show editing!

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