Videography Frequently Asked Questions

What is your visual style?

I’m notorious for making slower, more heartfelt content. That’s why I have my own personal interest in weddings. However, I am not shy or opposed to doing quicker production, such as music videos, one on one interviews and sport recaps. I am very open to all video concepts!

When do you usually shoot?

I prefer morning shoots. Evening shoots are absolutely a possibility however! There is just more pre-production that will go into an evening shoot because of the lighting changes.

What production software are you familiar with?

The production software I use is Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. I also am familiar with Adobe Audition, Lightroom, InDesign and Photoshop!

What is something that you haven’t shot before but would like to try?

Product videos are something I would be very eager to try! The logistics in a camera that are required for a product shoots make them very enticing. Especially with the various angles and frames needed to make those small commercials.

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely, I really enjoy visiting new cities! I have worked on projects all over Ohio and even out of state.

Do you offer photography services?

Shooting and editing video are my primary skills. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, but I would enjoy expanding my experience as a photographer.

Do you include raw footage with your packages?

No, you actually will not want it. Some files can be RAW, meaning you would need special software to open it. Plus the files will be significantly bigger than you would intend. However, I can provide a condensed version of your files or a full cut of your file collection into a singular video.

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Why do I only need a 60 second video?

The average attention span for people is about 9 seconds. Thereby, you have a greater chance of them watching your full video if it is a minute or less. You can cut out the unnecessary parts of your video that the viewer will not find as important.

Do you offer fully remote services?

Yes. If you are concerned with sicknesses or would prefer to be remote, then I am capable of accommodating your needs. However, there are restrictions to being fully remote since I will not be able to capture the location that you are working at.