Otterbein University Productions

Otterbein’s Journalism and Media Communication Program

This video was a promotional video for anyone interested in the Journalism program. It was directed towards incoming students or parents of students looking into the communications department. It is to help people come to the journalism degree because many people don’t start in it, but a lot end there. I wanted an insight of what all the professors were like and what courses were offered.

Otterbein Women’s Soccer Team COVID Update

This was how the women’s soccer team was reacting after experiencing COVID and how they were practicing and working through a weird and off season where they usually have sports. Soccer season is in fall, but due to COVID they were pushed to spring which is not a season they usually play are acclimated to play during. This video was to create an understanding of how they were personally affected.

It was a longer video shoot, though, because it required multiple interviews. It required me to go film a two hour practice at nighttime with varying cameras to be able to make sure I had multiple shots to choose from.

African American Student Union Promo Video

The African American Student Union (AASU) promo video was to get people to realize that Otterbein’s campus is a notoriously white campus, but they do have resources for POC. AASU wanted to become more well known on campus and collaborated with me to create a video promoting themselves on their social media. Their goal was to have a safe space for all black students and any students of color so they always feel like they are part of a community. Plus, AASU has some very fun experiences together even during the peak of COVID!