Wedding Portfolio

Jordan & Jeffery

During this wedding I ran a Sony A7Siii on a gimbal during a lot of the moments, so we’d have multiple angles.

The bride and groom had a choreographed first dance and a choreographed first dance with her dad as well which added a unique aspect to this wedding.

Rachel & Carl

I edited this wedding the summer of 2021.

This edit was one of my favorites because of the moment captured as the bride walks down the aisle. I also loved the first look with the bride’s father because of the reactions despite him wearing sunglasses the entire time!

Naomi & Dominic

This wedding was fun because it was a winter wedding so the bride had a shawl which is not as common with summer weddings.

The best man’s speech was one of my favorites I have heard while editing because it had a balance of humor and emotion!

Chelsea & Alex

Favorite editing memory: the uncle of the groom, during his blessing, said that the bride was a “first round draft pick” and it got a big roar from the crowd.

I really liked editing this because you could tell Chelsea and Alex had so much chemistry together, which translates well into video.

Claire & John

Personally love this wedding for the colors alone! As a fall wedding they were really able to utilize the vibrant colors through the bridesmaid dresses and décor.

Another couple that is just a natural on camera!

Lizzy & Scott

Favorite moment from the wedding: the groom is hard of hearing and so they sign “I love you” to each other.

After learning about the groom I learned how to create captioning on Premier so it would be as accessible as possible for him!

Erica & Tyler

This wedding was a fan favorite on social media because of their first look with their dog!

This couple had a ton of genuine moments that translated well onto camera.

Anna & Matt

This is one of my favorite pieces. I think their love really shows throughout the clips, which is sweet.

This video hit a little harder to for me since the bride wanted to show her earrings off because they were from her father who passed.