Wedding Video Alternatives: Elopement | Engagement | Experiential

Here at Wondr, we know weddings aren’t everyone’s dream and they aren’t in everyone’s budget! But we believe everyone deserves a video to commemorate their love and their big moments. This is why we offer the three E’s of love! (At a reduced rate compared to our wedding videography too!) Elopement, engagement and experiential services are some of Wondr’s newest ways of being all inclusive all the time.

Elopement Video Services

Elopements are a video industry that we believe is often overlooked! However, we are offering video services for your day! Everything you would get from your normal wedding videographer package, but on a smaller scale to fit the needs of your elopement! Typically elopements are more intimate so we want to make sure we support that and don’t provoke that. We are striving to make sure that our presence at your elopement is more of a friendly guest rather than lingering vendor! Our elopement packages, like our wedding packages, are fully customizable! We are there to help you remember your day everyday!

Elopement videography wedding video alternative

Don’t be deceived by the shortened video though! Some of the most touching videos are the ones that are just a few minutes long!

Engagement Video Services

Engagement videography wedding video alternative

Engagements are huge in the photography business (and rightfully so), but have you ever wondered if there was more emotion that you weren’t capturing? We thought so too! For all your future engagement shoots we are offering for our videographer to show up to your engagement and film the event, if plausible we will even get audio of the proposal. We will then cut an engagement video that is short and sweet, but you will NEVER forget your engagement and can relive it any day you choose. If you also choose Wondr for your wedding or even elopement videography, we will include engagement footage in your wedding video if you want it!

Experiential Video Services

Experiential videos are a new video service that Wondr is beginning to develop! Have you ever wondered what you and your significant other look like when you’re out on a date or enjoying life together? Wondr is now offering experiential services where we follow you two around and film the details of your day and the moments that come alongside! We will then take that footage and cut it into a minute long highlight of the experience so you can relive dates and moments anytime you want. Experiential videography services are something we truly have loved the outcome of. While you are being followed by a camera, and may be asked to do the occasion look or kiss, it can be as hand on or hands off as you are comfortable with!

Experiential videography wedding video alternative