Wedding Videography Columbus, OH

Finding the right wedding videography in Columbus, OH presents a lot of options, so narrowing down what makes a wedding videographer good is so important. A good videographer is obviously based on style and preference. However, in the last year of working weddings I have realized that everyone is seeking a personalized version of the same day. A sought after videographer is someone that is not only technically inclined, but also cares to make your wedding day just as you imagined it!

5 Aspects That Make Good Wedding Videographers

When you search for a good wedding videographer around Columbus, OH, here are a few aspects that make the best videographer for weddings.


The little details are the difference between making something good and something great. A good wedding videographer will notice and ask about important details. Whether it’s the pendant on your necklace that was your grandmothers, or the first meal that you eat together as a married couple, those details are important to us because they’re important to you!

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Understands YOUR Vision

This day is your day and should be treated as such. My goal is taking what you have in your head and making that last forever. In the meetings prior to your big day, we discuss everything of use to personalize your wedding video. These details are so important in order to capture the moments that really resonate with you.

Personal Connection

When you work with larger video companies you lose the personal touch of the video and the personal connection that truly identifies what you value in your wedding videos. By working with small companies and individual people, they know you on a personal level to help give you your dream.

Removing Your Concerns

Wedding videographers should be taking things off your mind. There is so much going on that day, so the mental load should be as light as possible to really live in the special moment that it is! You don’t have to worry about someone else taking videos of you with your family or during your big day moments. A bonus is that you’ll receive a video that is the best parts of your day without any awkward moments.

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Technical Savvy

All of the personal understanding along with the ability to see the ideal wedding is vital but none of that will result in a good video without the technical understanding to make it a reality. From lighting, camera settings, and editing, expertise in these areas of videography come from familiarity and experience.

Freelance Wedding Videography Columbus OH

In your search for wedding videography Columbus OH, don’t overlook the option of freelance wedding videographers. Freelance wedding videographers come at a significantly lower cost than larger video companies that oftentimes use more people than necessary. With the lower cost there is usually a preconceived notion that the quality will be lower but the truth is that the quality is the same if not better. With my experience as a wedding videographer, you are getting the best quality at a reasonable rate.

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