Event Video Production, What Is It?

When you hear the term “event video production” you are probably thinking of a large production that only a large corporation could afford but it is actually a readily available service to anyone. Event video production is a broad term and to make it a bit more understandable we have some different ways that event video production could be useful for you.

Uses of Event Video Production

Here are some great uses of event video production:


The grand opening of a new building, expansion of a company, or any other significant openings would be a great event to have a recording of. A high quality video of your opening would be useful in self promotion, through various media outlets.


Whether you are hosting a music event, like a series of shows or maybe a musical, and you want to make the performance last a lifetime with event video production. If you are an artist looking to have your first performance or if you are performing at a bigger venue than you have before, relive the moment with the high quality video that you can get from a freelance videographer.

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Speaking Events

Making a presentation takes a lot of time and hard work to prepare and gather the necessary materials. If your presentation isn’t recorded you are wasting a big portion of your efforts, since the more time that passes more often the viewers will forget it. With event video production you can keep a record of your entire presentation and provide the attendants with a copy of it, so they are able to refer back to it.

Company Events

To make your company stand out, having a well produced video of your company events can greatly benefit your business. A well crafted video gives your business the credibility that previously only large businesses could afford. Also, company events could include team bonding and having a high quality video would make your business intriguing for potential workers.

Freelance Event Video Production

To get affordable event video production, you don’t need to go to a large video production agency, a freelance event videographer can get you all you need to eternalize your event. When using a freelance event videographer, you get a flexible and affordable solution for shooting your event along with editing the footage.

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The process of hiring a freelance event videographer starts with setting up a game plan for what your event is, what you want out of the finished product, and what process works best for you. Depending on your project your freelance videographer will scout the location the days prior to your event or early on the day of. Closer to the time of your event, the videographer will set up their equipment and double check that everything looks good. Now it is time for your event, shooting will proceed. Once your event is over, equipment will be packed up and onto the next step, editing. You will be updated as editing progresses and when drafts are ready to be reviewed. When everything is completed, you will receive the finished video or videos.

Reach out today, for a free inquiry with a freelance event video production professional!

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